Concept: Facebook Videos for TV for multiple users

Restate following up my last post: when I first started to work on Smart TV features, Facebook has not yet entered the video-production business. There were suggestions that social media weren't meant for TV -- they have account set up for each individual, while TV is a shared device among family and friends. Well, at least I wouldn't want to share my social media feed with my parents.

So, how about just connect multiple accounts' preferences without expose real-person information?

This is the current log-in flow of the Facebook Video for TV app:

Perhaps simpler, but essentially the same as any log-in.

Perhaps simpler, but essentially the same as any log-in.

In my "Connecting with Facebook" flow, the first time experience is still the same as the existing solution, except that it allows multiple users in the network go to the Facebook app on their mobile devices and connect with all multiple profiles. After that, users can go to Settings to add more accounts or remove connected accounts, instead of logging out and changing to a completely different one.


On the interfaces, the primary action now is adding accounts. Users can still go to a webpage to send feedback as individuals (current primary action), and view Terms of Service and Data Policy.


In my concept above, I removed current "You Videos" section since the app is no longer tied to one single user. (Users may add videos to the Watchlist on the TV app collaboratively; and individuals may go to their saved videos in the mobile app and choose to watch on TV.) However, this reminded me -- our social media has largely become the place we share and store our memories:

So what about these memories? Wait for my next post!