WeCare is a product I created for McKinsey Digital Lab's design challenge. As I got to fully control the pace of the process, this project well represented my design process. The entire project took 3-4 days from problem framing to visual style planning.

The design challenge asked to create a mobile application for a healthcare provider to ease their customer's experience of finding a doctor, scheduling an appointment and managing prescriptions.

As I happened to know a friend who had to undergo a surgery around that time, I started from interviewing him for his experience.


I then compared his needs to competitor products that had already existed in the market and found the gaps that needed to be eliminated.

Synthesizing the findings from my research, I developed process flows, information architecture, which also informed my wireframes.


I created a mood board for seeking ideal visual styles. I was looking for something peaceful and soothing for a healthcare product:

Mood Board


I created some quick UI samples to showcase the selected style:



I personally have very little experience with United State's healthcare infrastructure. I later realized that patients with chronic diseases may be more likely to use an app by a particular institution. If I could do this again, I would love to learn about these users and design around their needs.