An iOS app for teleportation

A company I interviewed with gave me this design challenge -- create an iOS app that uses teleportation to transport you from one place to another instantly.

Best. Design Challenge. Ever.

I absolutely enjoyed working on the subject matter and would love to share my take on it with you.


The requirement was to cover teleportation to both places that you visit regularly (work, home, etc) and infrequently, farther away (Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, etc). Which led me to think:


The final deliverables were some mood-board-level UIs about the required use cases:


The challenge also asked us to be creative and think about what OS-level feature to integrate with. I chose Siri:

Conversation with my design peers about teleportation!

Conversation with my design peers about teleportation!

Due to the constrain of time (a few hours, according to the requirements), I didn't explore other business opportunities beyond the required. However it would be quite interesting to explore other business opportunities brought by this huge change in the lifestyle.

So what do you think? What would you do as a UX professional, if something magic is made possible?