Qview is a set of TV and mobile applications for sharing photos and videos from phone to Hisense TV. Unlike most other technology products, Qview was designed to allow a group of people staying connected with the TV at the same time and facilitate in-person sharing and communication.

It was my first project at Hisense. Two weeks in the team, I was handed with a functional prototype and asked to make it ready for launch.


The first step was “unpacking” all the knowledge of the problem from the team and ensuring that everyone is aiming in the same direction.

 The main scenario was talking about one's own stories rather than playing an artwork

The main scenario was talking about one's own stories rather than playing an artwork

By clarifying the scenarios, we set the goals of the design to:

Minimize steps of sharing so that the action interrupts the speech as little as possible.

Best support touch operation so that the action doesn't distract users from sharing content and other people.



I conducted usability testing focusing on two key tasks where user actively interact with the product: connecting the phone to the TV and sharing a photo (or video). Here we revealed two user behaviors when interacting with the TV and that problems that need to be solved:

  • After required to completing a task on the phone, user needs time to resume attention back to the TV screen (even if the task is TV related).
  • Users


After resolving the problems identified in our lab, we faced a bigger challenge: would real users get the goal that we want them to, in an uncontrolled environment?

Unlike other products, we were not facing downloads targeting photo/video sharing apps, but users of Hisense TVs in general. The app should work with the complexity of context and be predictive and very adaptive towards different use cases.


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