I am now a full-time UX Designer at Hisense USA and lead its Smart TV's UX design for North America market. I am also working with start-ups in education, travel and technology on my own time.

For the past few years, I have been working with corporations, professors, governments and non-profits on various projects. I interned at Yahoo! and Siemens. My works cross different platforms including websites, mobile applications, kiosks and interior.

Growing up with my elder sister majored in Graphic and Multimedia Art, I knew my path as a designer at a young age.

Seeing the emergency of ubiquitous computing, I have been focusing on interaction and user experience design. I studied user-centered methodologies at Institute of Design in Chicago, IL, one of the best design research and strategy programs in the world.

Before that, I studied Visual Communication Design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), a top research university in China. There I discovered my interest in communication and interactiveness. I worked for Chang'an Auto (one of China's Big 4 auto makers) and prestigious local design agencies like S.point Design and Bantum.

Besides design, I love to explore new possibilities in life. I was the president of theater club at college and I started to learn fencing recently.



Interaction designer with three years expereince. Learner, reimaginer and maker of lifetime. Seeking to leverage design and research skills to create compelling digital experiences.